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passion for surfing

Our passion for surfing is the main driving force behind our decision to change our lives and open our Surfhouse. The Surf instructor of reference is Mattia, who has dedicated his life to the search for the best wave since 2016. The characteristic that Tribe Pachamama uses most often to define him as an instructor? PATIENT: in the water he carefully takes care of you, both when you manage to get up on the board and when you fall awkwardly 🤣 For lessons we collaborate with the school of Joana Andrade, the first Portuguese woman to have surfed Nazarè! Mattia, together with the school's instructors, organises the lessons divided by level, with two main objectives: to give you one of the most fun experiences of your life, while at the same time conveying the importance of rules and respect both for other surfers and for the ocean.

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