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Why Choose Us

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surf awareness

Surfing is a wonderful sport and our greatest passion. Precisely because of the immense love we feel for it, we want it to be taught and practised by everyone at Pachamama in a conscious manner. We will try to transmit to you everything that Surfing brings: fun, adrenaline, euphoria, patience, concentration, but also rules and respect, both towards other people and the surrounding environment. It really is true that it is not just a sport, but something much deeper that hides so many facets behind it. Are you ready to discover them with us?



This is the word that Tribe Pachamama uses most to describe the air we breathe. We are extremely grateful for this: we put our heart into everything we do. After years of conforming to what society expected of us, we now finally feel that we are completely ourselves and have created a place where all people can feel at home and at home. Human relationships, transparent and sincere, come before everything else.

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love for nature

Hence the name 'Pachamama', Mother Earth. We love Nature in all its forms and manifestations and we love living outdoors. We do our best to help preserve our planet (click here to read more); we fill the house with plants (although there is still work to be done on the green thumb) and we are friends of all animals: you will find a wonderful kitten with us. We believe that at Pachamama you should see the ocean or a sunset at least once a day (if you do both, even better!).


love for life

We love life and hope to pass it on to you from Pachamama. How? By creating an environment full of positive energy, where each person can be themselves 100%, without any judgement. We season this with a pinch of madness: we sing, shout, dance and celebrate the wonder of each day. We also believe in a simple, slow lifestyle, away from the hustle and bustle but closer to moments of pause, reflection and introspection.

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Although not the centre of our activity, some products are sold at Pachamama as a souvenir of the experience. We have decided to dedicate an area of the sales every year to projects of small realities in which we believe (and we confess that this is one of the ideas we are most proud of). The criteria we look for are craftsmanship and sustainability. We create limited editions with just a few pieces, sometimes collaborating with other brands, sometimes asking small artisans to create products especially for us. The idea is to give space over the years to many different projects, based on the concept of cooperation and help among young people with beautiful dreams. More than selling a product, it is about embracing a project, and this is the message we also want to convey to those who decide to buy.



The Tribe Pachamama is the collection of all the people who experience us. One of the most satisfying things about our project is seeing the beautiful relationships that are created within our Surfhouse. People arrive as strangers and leave as family, carrying on the relationship many times even once they are back home. During the winter we try to organise get-togethers through Yoga Retreats organised by Iaia and Pachamama Reunions. Many people are a little frightened at the idea of leaving alone, but we assure you that the warmth you will find will take away your fear from the very first moment.

Il Tempo è Vostro.JPG


Pachamama is a Surfhouse, imagine a real home where you can live together. Surfing and yoga are the only activities organised by us, for the rest the time is yours. You decide what to do and when to do it, whether to do it independently or with the other people in the house. You have the opportunity to slow down, to listen to each other and to do what you like. You can choose to relax reading a book in the garden, walk along the beautiful cliffs of Ericeira, have a beer in the centre or at the Skatepark, take the car and explore the wonders of Portugal. In short, it is a chance to reclaim your time and your will.

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