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Pachamama Surfhouse is the dream of two guys who love a simple life of surfing, yoga, nature and travelling.

Both driven by the same emotions and passions, we decided to change our lives a couple of years apart: Matti started travelling already in 2019, when, after quitting the company he was working for, he found a new job in a Surfhouse in Spain. Iaia arrives as a guest, in the same Surfhouse, in 2020 but continues to work remotely for a consultancy company. It was there that we met and have not left each other since. We spent a year of pure freedom together, starting to dream of opening our own place. What until a few moments before seemed like something far away became more concrete when on one of our trips we arrived in Ericeira, Portugal, and fell in love with it.

With the help of a friend and a friend, who were instrumental in the realisation of the project, we took courage, deciding to quit our respective jobs, to finally make our big dream of opening our own Surfhouse, mirroring our values and our vision of life, a reality.

In 2022, we set off in the van in search of a home, finding it after a short time (when they say that nothing happens by chance). We started working hard, until on 8 April 2022 we threw open the doors of Pachamama Surfhouse, laying the foundations for what would immediately become home to so many people, a Tribe full of positive energy that grows more and more every year.



[ pa - tʃa- ma - ma ]


Pachamama is 'Mother Earth', 'Mother Nature', 'Mother of the Universe'. 

She embodies water, earth, sun and moon and with her creative power sustains life on Earth.

Pachamama is the mother of the world, the mother of all living things.

Pachamama SurfHouse was founded in 2022 by a group of friends who are passionate about surfing, travelling and life. 

We wanted to create a home, where everyone could be welcomed and share memories, experiences and adventures with anyone who wanted to be part of the Pachamama Tribe.

Lovers of nature, we always try to do something to reduce the impact we have on our Planet, trying to be as sustainable and respectful as possible.

the logo

This is our Pachamama.

A strong woman embodying the powerful Mother Earth.

Her arms form a triangle aiming to the sky, which represent both the wind and the cycle of growth that lead to a higher state of being.

The arms also hold the sun, symbol of warmth and knowledge. (and good weather! 😜)

She stands above the crest of an ocean wave, representing our connection with the sea, water sports and nature. (Or maybe she is just ready for some surfing? 😎)


the colours

Pachamama Surfhouse colours are inspired by Nature and our Earth 🌍

Pastel tones which remind us of seas, sunsets, deserts, mountains, the earth, the sun and the sand.

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